Absolute nutrition lean gainer 2 kg

Absolute nutrition lean gainer 2 kg

Brand: Absolute Nutrition
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Absolute Lean Gain is an extraordinary formula developed by our Team to help achieve the dream to have a Lean Muscular body. Protein alone cannot help you build muscle size, it has to be appropriately combined with Carbohydrate rich diet, keeping this under consideration, Absolute Lean Gainer is loaded with Appropriate ratios of Protein & Carbohydrates to achieve the Goals of Bodybuilders.

Amazing fact about your Great Tasting shake is that we have used Superior Quality Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate in the blend from the USA.

Absolute Lean Gainer contains high level of Essential & Branched Chain Amino Acids ( Directly extracted from the protein blend) which help the muscles to contract & maintain proper water balances. The BCAA’s facilitate the healing of torn muscle tissue & supply the protein required to nourish the Muscular cells.

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