BIO-X glutamine rush 500 gm

BIO-X glutamine rush 500 gm

Brand: BIO-X
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Glutamine Rush contains pure Japanese source, L-Glutamine. Although our Glutamine is more expensive to manufacture than that of our competitors’ (who use Chinese source material), we choose to offer only the best to our customers!

Glutamine Rush is wheat free! It is manufactured by starting with a glucose syrup (derived from corn starch) and bathing it in a glutamine producing bacteria and allowing the combination to ferment.

Glutamine Rush is micronized (150-200 mesh) and of pharmaceutical grade.

What Is L-Glutamine?

Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid. While it can be manufactured by the body, supplementing with glutamine is recommended

because of the high demand the body has for it. (Of the free form amino acids present in skeletal muscles, up to 60% is LGlutamine!)


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