ANS Whey Promass chocolate 1 kg

ANS Whey Promass chocolate 1 kg

Brand: ANS
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Promass incorporates a timed release protein blend, where the combination of ingredients is intended to deliver varied absorption rates for providing an immediate and sustained release of Amino acids for building and protecting muscle
The synergistic Whey and Casein combination in Promass provides a superior anabolic infusion of Amino acids than a single protein supplement The whey's fast acting diffusion of Amino acids provides  an immediate release of Amino acids into the body to stimulate muscle building and when the effects of the Whey fade, those of the Casein take over to prevent destruction of muscle tissue. Promass ensures an extended feeding time of up to 7 hours to the muscles, meaning that a constant supply of Amino acids is supporting your muscle nutritional needs and you stay anti- catabolic  throughout.
Promass is naturally high in BCAAs (15.73 gm per 100gm) & Glutamine (15.49 gm per 100 gm) and fortified with Chromium Picolinate & Lysine for packing on pure muscle The addition of anti- catabolic L-Glutamine to prevent destruction of muscle tissue and digestive enzyme Papain for better digestion and absorption of protein makes Promass ideal for all types of athletes, sports person and those following low carbohydrate lifestyle


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