ANS - Glucogen Sport 1kg

ANS - Glucogen Sport 1kg

Brand: ANS
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Glucogen Sport is a scientifically formulated sports drink for sports persons and athletes, designed to provide energy to delay onset of fatigue and replace electrolyte losses to prevent dehydration during sports training and prolonged exercise.
Glucogen Sport contains a scientifically balanced mix of a precise blend of carbohydrates, thirst quenching electrolytes and antioxidants vitamins and minerals.
The carbohydrate source in Glucogen Sport keeps you well energized during a strenuous physical activity to delay the onset of fatigue, thereby enabling you to perform to your full potential.
The thirst quenching electrolytes, antioxidant vitamins and minerals in Glucogen Sport protect you from dehydration excessive free radical build-up and muscle cramps.

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