GNC Casein Protein

GNC Casein Protein

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Casein protein slowly releases amino acids in the blood stream to feed the muscles. The GNC Pro Performance 100% Casein Protein provides the body with the key amino acids, like glutamine and branched chain amino acids. It is best to take casein protein between meals and before bed as it works towards replenishing and healing the wear and tear in the muscles and joints. The casein protein provides support for powerful anti-catabolic signals for a more efficient muscle fuel. Casein attaches to the ATP and gives more energy to the body. This energy will help you workout longer and do more sets. GNC Pro Performance 100% Casein Protein has been made with delicate micro-fraction forms of micellar and calcium casein proteins which promote the anti-catabolic effect in the muscles which leads to more results. The casein powder is absorbed faster in the body and has better effects on the body.

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